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Are Your “Organic” Eggs All They’re Cracked Up To Be?

June 5, 2011

By Lorri Ballance Laird, LuxEco Advocate

For many consumers, eggs are a staple in their diet. What’s better than a yummy omelet or frittata on a Sunday morning? While many food-conscious consumers make an attempt to buy products that are produced organically and/or sustainably, they may be getting duped when reaching for that carton of eggs labeled “organic” or “free-range.”

A new report from The Cornucopia Institute, Scrambled Eggs: Separating Factory Farm Egg Production from Authentic Organic Agriculture, warns consumers of the trend of factory farms jumping on the organic bandwagon. According to the Institute, “For…industrial-scale producers, “organic” appears to be nothing more than a profitable marketing term that they apply to the agro-industrial production system.” These producers are simply substituting organic feed and eliminating harmful synthetics, such as pesticides and antibiotics, the Institute claims.


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